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Spa Phiane Inc

L'art du don de soi / The art of self-giving 

Spa de Jour et Expérience  Bien-être Intégrative

Day Spa and Integrative Wellness Experience 

École des Talents en Massage

School of Talents in Massage

Phiane Duquet, World Massage Champion 2021

When success and wealth are measured by the gift of self-giving.

Massage therapy is recognized by the Government of Quebec as an essential health and well-being service. Thank you to the Minister of Health and Social Affairs Dr Lionel Carmant for your support! One step closer to a new era of well-being for all. Congratulations to our collaborators, associations and well-being artisans across Quebec.

Join our forces to rise in unison:

Introducing my art of self-giving

Experience of transformation through integrative wellness

Phiane Duquet

Ambassador of the national massage championship

 "Championnat Canadien de Massothérapie LNE SPA Canada" 

School of Talents Spa Phiane Inc

Official teacher of  KOBIDO®, accredited by the Master of the 26th generation, Dr Shogo Mochizuki

 La Gestuelle Yin-Yang® & L'œuvre de beauté®, Canadian's innovation in Massage.

 Award of excellence applauded by The Minister Mélanie Joly. 

Finalist as best spa in America 2021 by The World Spa & Wellness, UK.

Ambassador of The World Wellness Weekend for the province of Quebec

Human being is considered as the most precious work of art, made of body and soul.

His soul is the essence of his inner light and beauty.

The massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang® & L'œuvre de beauté® heal the essence and not only the appearence and symtoms.

Phiane Nhotpasa Duquet

My standard is to be a champion in services, so I cultivate exceptional treatments for 5 stars experience.

My goal is to honor my clients needs and expectations. I make sure that all the quality and my valuable services are up to their investment in time and money.

All my gratitude to my clients who have entrusted me with the mandate to ensure their well-being for more than 30 years arround the globe!

Take a journey through my world of knowledge collection with my mindfulness, awareness and career path

Phiane Duquet, artiste facialist and holistic massage therapist.

  •  Godmother of the event "La Main D'or, Massage Expérience" at  The Canadian Massage Championship of LNE Spa Canada 2022 at the Palais des congrès of Montreal.
  • Research Director in art applied to ancestral massage and heritage.
  • World massage champion 2021.
  • Creator of exceptional events for wellness enterprise.
  • Ambassador of the World Wellness Weekend of the Province of Quebec, in line with the mission of the United Nations: "Wellness for all".
  • Certificate of International Advance Teacher Course, graduated from IMA( International Massage Association).
  • Graduated from the Academy of Paris as an esthetician-cosmetician, certified from the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology, from Laborathene Pforzheim, Germany.
  • Graduated from the Academy of Amiens for the "Baccalauréat technique en biologie, option biochimie".
  • Certified by The International Multireflexology School of Dien Chan and Chan Beauty.
  • Certified by Dr Shogo Mochizuki, the 26th generation Master of the art of Kobido®, as a practitioner of Kobido®.
  • Accredited practitioner of La Trame by Master Diane Messier and Patrick Burensteinas.
  • Member of the Canadian Association of La Trame.
  • Member of Kobido Japan Inc.
  • Member of the international school of multi-reflexology Dien Chan(EIMDC).
  • Member of the RMQ, ANQ and AQTN for health insurance refunds.

Experiences and skills :

  • Self massage anti-aging, pain relief, stress relief La Gestuelle-Yin-Yang® & L'œuvre de beauté®.
  • La Gestuelle-Yin-Yang® & L'œuvre de beauté®.
  • Authentic Kobido®.
  • Dien Chan and Chan Beauty.
  • Fascia Facial and Buccal Facelift.
  • Shiatsu Facelift and Gua Sha massage.
  • Vodder Lymphatic Drainage.
  • Cinetic Swedish massage.
  • Deep tissue massage.
  • Abdominal healing massage, the 5 elements of traditional chinese medicine.
  • Yoga Thai Massage.
  • Thai massage with oil.
  • Foot Reflexology.
  • Tok Sen, Thai reflexology and traditional massage.
  • La Trame®.
  • Qi Gong.
  • Techniques and way of continuous education: "Universal healing of Tao", Chi Nei Tsang with Master Mantak Chia.

Professional reference:

  • Dr Lionel Carmant, neurologist. Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Quebec, Canada.
  • Philippe Champagne, regional director, sale and marketing, East Canada at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.

With my mentors: My grand-mother Ama (universal wisdom and Qi Gong), Patrick Burensteinas (La Trame), Dr Shogo Mochizuki (Kobido®), Anna Roca Carrasco et Patryck Aguila (Dien Chan). Grand Master Mantak Chia (universal healing of Tao), Dr Lionel Carmant, neurologist, deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Quebec, Canada and Philippe Champagne, regional director, sale and marketing, East Canada at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.

All my gratitude for their teaching that had allowed me to make my potential available!

La Gestuelle Yin-Yang® & L'œuvre de beauté®, as fluid as water, light as air.

"Talent and genius are not enough, it takes courage to change people's heart"

Nat King Cole

"Courage is the driving force and boldness makes your dream come true. When success, and wealth are measured by the gift of self-giving , life is sweeter.

Phiane Duquet

My priority as a guardian of well-being is to make decisions and actions that will have a positive impact in contributing to the advancement of all.

Online Action since March 2020

Sitting atop a mountain of ancient knowledge from Laos, my family legacy as artisan of well-bieng has travelled to the most sophisticate Parisian wellness centres, visited by celebrities such as Johnny Hallyday and Stephanie de Monaco.

This legacy has now reached the peaceful Canadian Province of Quebec.

Today this ancestral wisdom and legacy are expressed in the massage technique of La Gestuelle Yin-Yang® and is recognized by the minister of health, Dr Lionel Carmant and by the massage association RMQ and AQTN as a pioneer in the new era of massage in Quebec.

The Province of Quebec is proudly located on The World Wellness Weekend map thanks to the action taken by Spa Phiane Inc to launch online free self-massage workshops during the first wave of the pandemic and at the World Wellness Weekend.

This event, with the online workshop, was greatly welcomed and appreciated during this period of lockdown.

The goal is to provide wellness services virtually.

Working closely as the ambassador of the W.W.W. Quebec, with the guidance of the founder Jean-Guy De Gabriac and participants of 131 countries, is an empowering experience.

As a wellness therapist, to be a champion and having high ends skills is not enough to be part of those who are able to emerge during this world pandemic.

In Quebec, since January 2021, The Minister of Health, has valued massage therapy as essential services.

As essential worker and creator of the transforming experience by massage, The House of KOBIDO® from Japan, directed by Dr Shogo Mochizuki, the 26th generation of the lineage, have accredited my School of Talent, Spa Phiane Inc to host the teaching of more than five centuries of heritage in KOBIDO® massage.

More than ever, people need to keep connected with their love ones and to connect within themselves.

It was my duty as a wellness guardian to create a symbol that will relate people to each other and to connect within oneself during this uncertainty time.

Since over 10 years, tools for online action were set up to make connection easy, but these tools are still not enough to minimize the feeling of isolation.

The World Wellness Weekend is a great tool of solidarity to bring together the artisans of wellness and the population, by offering 60 min of free care during the event that will take place on September 18th and 19 th , 2021.