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School of Talents, Spa Phiane Inc

Official Massage Training of KOBIDO® Canada

Accredited by The Master of the 26th generation of the House KOBIDO®, Japan

Dr Shogo Mochizuki

Levels 1-2 & 3

A total of 120 techniques

400 hours of training

over at least of 2 years of study

See our rate for each level of tuition below

Hydrid training

The house of KOBIDO® from Japan is pleased to officially welcome The School of Talents, Spa Phiane Inc, a massage school recognized and accredited by the Government of Quebec, Canada.

- Online courses will be provided by the Master of the 26th generation of KOBIDO®.

- The online courses (in the form of pre-recorded capsules) will be provided by the Master of the 26th generation of KOBIDO®. You will be able to access it at your own pace as many times as is necessary for your training.

- Technical and theoretical manuals in French and English will be provided with the course of levels one, two and three.

Phiane Duquet the official teacher of KOBIDO® for Canada, accredited by Dr. Shogo Mochizuki, will guide you offline through the teaching of the three basic levels.

The practice under the direct supervision of the Master of the 26th generation of KOBIDO® will finalize your training in level 4 and 5 for the acquisition of the diploma.

Level 1

The online course starts at your own pace.

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An online information meeting to answer to all your questions will be held.

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4 days of intensive training offline course with the accredited teacher of KOBIDO®

In Boucherville, Quebec, Canada.

September 16th-17th- 18th-19th 2021

From 10 am to 5 pm

Course reserved for an exclusive group of 8 apprentices per class

Course in French and English

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*5% off on the course portion, for membes of ETI ( Economy for therapist from here)

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* Rebate before taxes. Non-cumulative discount offers.

*Number of students per class and dates may change related to the pandemic situation.


Course level 1

You will be introduced to the 30 primary techniques of KOBIDO®, as taught by the Master of KOBIDO®, House lineage, Dr Shogo Mochizuki.

- The total hours of guided courses and home study are 100 hours.

- Essential qualities

Self awareness skills: Authenticity, integrity, respect, honesty, righteousness, altruism, reliability, humility, resilience and wisdom.

- Prior study: Aesthetician or 400 hours of massage technique.

- Motivation: Mission to restore the former glory of the art of well-being through traditional massages of exception with KOBIDO®.

KOBIDO® level 1  online massage course and  4 days intensive training with the official teacher in Canada

Price: $869, 75 + taxes ( 1000$ )

100 hours of online and offline training

30 basic primary techniques

131 pages theoretical and technical manual

A mannequin head for practice

- Total Level 1 training hours is 100 hours

- 52 hours of training Theoretical, practical online

- 28 hours of supervised internships, face-to-face, in groups over 4 days

- 20 hours of case study of 20 treatments: record keeping and hands-on work offeredoutside the training and reviewed during classes to deepen understanding of the effects ofKOBIDO® massage

Chapter 1

The Ancient way of Beauty

Chapter 2

What is KOBIDO?

History of KOBIDO®

Chapter 3

The Japanese Concept of Health and Beauty

Courses of facial problems

Japanese view of facial problems

The Ki (Qi or Chi)

The Yin-Yang theory

The five elements theory

The meridians

The tsubo

Chapter 4

Effective way to study KOBIDO®

Setup for KOBIDO® treatment

Speed, pressure and lubrication

The bones of the face

The muscles of the face

Geting Started with KOBIDO® treatment

KOBIDO® Organic skin care products

Chapter 5

Categories of KOBIDO® Techniques

Category of Anma techniques

48 ancient signature techniques

Chapter 6

KOBIDO® primary techniques

Chapter 7

Basic techniques for the T zone


KOBIDO® Level 2 Massage Course

This level 2 course is exclusively for students who have completed the level 1 course

Price: $1275 + taxes (Price may chage without notice!)

150 hours of online anf offlline training

48 basic KOBIDO® signature techniques

128 pages theoretical and technical manual

The total training time for Level 2 is 150 hours:

- 95 hours of training Theoretical and practical online.

- 35 hours of supervised internships, face-to-face, in groups over 5 days.

- 20 hours of case study of 20 treatments: record keeping and hands-on work offered outside the training and reviewed during classes to deepen understanding of the effects of KOBIDO® massage.

More details on the Level 2 course plan will be delivered after registration.

KOBIDO® Level 3 Massage Course

This level 3 course is exclusively for students who have completed the level 2 course

Price: $1275 + taxes (Price may change without notice!)

150 hours of online and offline training

42 basic KOBIDO® signature techniques

159 pages theoretical and technical manual

The total training time for Level 3 is 150 hours:

  • 95 hours of training Theoretical and practical online.
  • 35 hours of supervised internships, face-to-face, in groups over 5 days.
  • 20 hours of case study of 20 treatments: record keeping and hands-on work offered outside the training and reviewed during classes to deepen understanding of the effects of KOBIDO® massage.

More details on the Level 3 course plan will be delivered after registration.

Full payment required for your registration:

Price for the course level 1: $826,27$ + taxes

Price change without notice, not exchangeable or refundable.

In case of cancellation, a credit of the amount paid will be applied for a future course date.

The tax receipt issued for the Level 1 portion of the course is $826.27 + taxes.

The training time credits of the Level 1 course are 100 hours.

Level 1 is an introductory course in basic techniques in KOBIDO®.

A certificate of participation will be provided.

Please note that this Level 1 course does not qualify as a KOBIDO® practitioner!

To be eligible to use the KOBIDO® trademark, it is imperative to follow the three basic levels of 400 hours of training and study and to use KOBIDO® skin care that are made for KOBIDO® lifting massage.

What is KOBIDO®?

KOBIDO® is a registered trademark of The House of KOBIDO® Japan Inc, whose guardian of the heritage of Japanese ancestral art is the Master of the 26th generation of the lineage, Dr. Shogo Mochizuki.

Often mimed and counterfeited, the mission of The House of KOBIDO®, directed by Dr Shogo Mochizuki

is to convey with benevolence the noble art in its entirety.

The only official school in Canada accredited by Dr. Shogo Mochizuki, for the teaching of the KOBIDO® massage is The School of Talent, Spa Phiane Inc.

The House of KOBIDO® has the honor to introduce you, the art of massage that has passed through time and space.

The guardian of this spiritual and traditional knowledge is Dr Shogo Mochizuki, from the lineage of KOBIDO® since 1472.

Under imperial order, KOBIDO® was born to treat well-being and beauty in an integral way.

Indeed, in Japanese philosophy, beauty is not separated from health.

The health of the body is not separated from edifying and constructive thought.

Thought is not separated from the enlightened mind which opens up to a higher alternative.

The privileged transmission of this art can only be exercised by The Master of the lineage.

Mrs Phiane Duquet has received an official authorization to introduce to future apprentices this traditional art according to the strict instructions of the discipline.

Her teaching is accredited and guided by Dr Shogo Mochizuki.

Benefits of KOBIDO®








Reducing congestion.


KOBIDO® organic skin care products

Imperial Green Tea:

In Japan, Imperial Green Tea is the strongest antioxidant and anti-inflammatory of any green tea. It contains remarkably high levels of vitamins and minerals. It is an extremely rich source of antioxidants that make it 200 times more potent than vitamin E in fighting free radicals and pro-oxidants. It has been clinically proven to reduce sun damaged skin risks, as well as to correct oily and acne-prone skin.

- Rei Shi Mushroom:

Rei Shi mushroom is known for being a supreme immune tonic which helps bring out the natural radiance of the skin. It has long been used to protect against radiation and helps skin fight the effects of stress.

- Red Kirin Ginseng:

Ginseng has long been a key component in traditional medicines throughout Asia. Kirin Red Ginseng is known to balance skin condition by decreasing stress and regulating hormone levels.

- Japanese Plum:

Japanese Plum fruit has been clinically proven to tighten facial tissue with its very high levels of alkaline minerals which constrict the vasculature. Plum helps to detoxify the face and prevents skin aging by stimulating the liver.

- Japanese Knotweed:

Japanese Knotweed contains Resveratrol, an antioxidant that blocks inflammation of skin cells. Proper blood circulation is essential for healthy skin. This ingredient is traditionally known to optimize the condition of blood vessels to bring proper blood circulation to the surface of facial skin.

- KOBIDO® massage training is recognized by the Association du Regroupement des Massothérapeutes Du Québec, RMQ:

- The School of Talent Spa Phiane Inc is a government accredited school for tuition tax purposes.

- KOBIDO® Massage Training is reserved for beauticians and/or massage therapists with 400 hours of training in a massage technique.

- A receipt can be given for massage therapy insurance with the KOBIDO® massage technique.

- After the 400 hours of training on the 3 course levels and passing the exams, a KOBIDO® Massage Practitioner Certificate will be issued.

- There is no requirement to continue at higher levels 4 and 5 with Master Dr Shogo Mochizuki, but it is recommended if you are called by the passion and art of which KOBIDO® is the raison d'être.

- The price for superior courses with the Master is not set by Spa Phiane Inc, you will see with The House of KOBIDO® afterwards.

- The online courses with Dr. Shogo are in English. The teaching manuals are in French, English and Japanese.

- The online courses are pre-recorded capsules by Dr.Shogo Mochizuki. You can access it as many times as you need for your training and master it.

- The courses with the accredited teacher, Ms. Phiane Duquet is in French and English.

- In order to use the KOBIDO® Brand, you must complete the 400 hours of training on all 3 course levels, pass the Practitioner Certification Exam and use the KOBIDO® products for your care. Without KOBIDO® products designed for KOBIDO® massage, your treatments would not be considered as KOBIDO® massage technique. It’s like wanting to eat sushi without sushi.

- The mission is to give nobility to an ancestral art in all its splendor, with taste, colour, scent, sound and sight touching the soul and the 5 senses. KOBIDO® Massage and KOBIDO® products go hand in hand, like Yin-Yang.

- Spa Phiane Inc is a distributor of the KOBIDO® Brand, reserved for our students and guest members only.

- The 60 min KOBIDO® Massage treatment in Canada is worth approximately $155 or more.

- At the Four Seasons Georges 5 in Paris, the 50 min is worth €585:

- All students who respect the conformity and ethic of The School of Talents , Spa Phiane Inc will be listed on our website and social media so that the general public can find you and use KOBIDO® massage at your clinic and institute.

- It is not possible to self-proclaimed teacher of KOBIDO® and teach KOBIDO® massage technique.

This title is a privilege that only The Master of the lineage, Dr. Shogo Mochizuki has the power to grant.

- As the way of life and as support service, The School of Talents, Spa Phiane Inc will yearly offer a continuing workshop for all graduated student of KOBIDO® ($).

My story with KOBIDO®

In 2009, I was violently hit by a car when crossing the street.

The shock had created a rupture in the transmission of information from my mind to my brain toward my left hand. All my networks or cables through which the information was transmitted, seemed to be in good condition. Despite this, I could not move my fingers with my left hand. The exercises recommended by the various specialists have helped to improve my condition, but not enough so that I could give some massage, which was the meaning of my work and know-how.

At that time wireless networks were beginning to become popular in people’s lives. No more bulky cables, no more big computer that took so much space. Information could be transmitted through the invisible network of space. I had to integrate this reality into my life like everyone else, but the challenge was to adapt to my new reality following the accident.

My skills of yesteryear could no longer make sense to my work if that left hand did not move.

I decided not to rely only on my physical strength, but on my 6th and 7th senses (uplifting thinking and mindfulness) which the driven force is intuition.

My intuition linked the possibility of transcending my physical disability by adopting the hypothesis of the new wireless technology in my case to find a solution. After all our body is made of 70% of liquid or solution, then the solution should be found somewhere in me.

To do this, the idea of fixing myself in WIFI mode and with my 6th and 7th senses was not enough, I had to find a convincing system to help me to get rid of the information of the shock that caused the paralysis.

KOBIDO® seemed to be the best hope and avenue, as I was looking for comforting techniques and exercises that would reinforce my know-how smoothly, without having to disconnect with what I had mastered.

Hidden in the shadow of my universe, KOBIDO® was the path that would macht my need because of its messages and essence.

My grandfather, an herbalist, a specialist in traditional Chinese medicine and a kung fu master, said to me, "You must master all forms of your art to find unity".

KOBIDO® was the answer that would free me from my Cartesian know-how, and guide me towards a global vision of wellbeing. The Philosophy of the Ancient Way of Beauty, or KOBIDO® was to enrich my data by the awareness skill and not only by the know-how.

This awareness skill is managed by some codes of respect, authenticity, integrity, reliability, righteousness, altruism, resilience, humility and wisdom.

These codes or passwords have activated my potential, the essential resources to undo the blockages of my hand, my soul and mind.

Every subtle and technical gesture of this practice made me suffer, but my will to persevere (pierce and you will see) was gratifying and made me move one step further towards unity and closer to the global version of who I was going to become. In fact, one of the techniques of KOBIDO® is called “finger walking”.

The techniques of KOBIDO® have given flexibility to my hand and beyond the massage, it is a way of life that takes care of the donor and recipient.

Under the imperial order of Japan and protected by it, the art of KOBIDO® was born in 1472.

The choreography of this dancing massage that harmonizes the Yin-Yang or Qi (vital energy) nourishes the body and gives the essence it needs.

Like the car that needs gasoline as an energy source to function, Qi is the vital energy carried by the blood that pulses the heart. The concept of Japanese well-being links health and beauty together.

The beauty of the body is not separated from the enlightened mind.

Beauty is the reflection of the source of energy that animates every being.

KOBIDO® is a rejuvenating, firming, detoxifying and energizing massage.

KOBIDO® is part of Japanese heritage. The benevolent guardian of this art is the Master of the leanage:

Dr Shogo Mochizuki, 26th generation of the House of KOBIDO®.

Canada is honoured to welcome the treasure (three-gold) of this art through Phiane Duquet, an official trainer accredited by Dr Shogo Mochizuki.

Phiane will teach the three basic levels, the three steps of the treasury, at her school of talent, Spa Phiane Inc, recognised and accredited by the government of Canada.