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Spa Phiane Inc 

Le toucher de grâce / The touch of grace

L'art du don de soi / The art of self-giving 

 Expérience  Bien-être Intégrative 

 Integrative Wellness Experience

[email protected]

+1 438 504 1551

The school of talents, Spa Phiane Inc

Continuing Education Program

in Massage Therapy

Accredited Educational Institution

Recognized by the RMQ and AQTN

Training in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada

Ancestral Facial Massage La Gestuelle Yin-yang & L'œuvre de beauté

40 hours of intensive training and guided work over 5 days

20 hours of unguided practical work

60 hours of continuing education credits

Internationally and nationally recognized certification

from 9 am to 6 pm

Class size of 10 students maximum

Session 2023 Level 1 , 2 classes to register

from 24th to 28th Mai 2023


from 20 to 24 September 2023


École des Talents Spa Phiane Inc

910, Ivanhohé Caron

Boucherville, QC, J4B 8M8

Apply now at [email protected]

Tax credit for continuing education in Quebec and Canada

Price does not include accomodation, food, drink, transport.

To register, a deposit of bank transfer of $300 is required.

About the teacher Phiane Duquet

Five times World Championship Medalist in Massage 2021

Finalist in the World Spa & Wellness Excel London Award as Spa Leader of the Year 20022

Finalist in the World Spa & Wellness Excel London Award as Best Spa in America 2021

Trophy of Distinction at the World Wellness Weekend 2021

Professional Qualification in Esthetics, Quebec

Finalist LNE Spa Canada, best teacher in Canada

International Massage Association Advance Teacher Course

Ambassador of the LNE Spa Canada" Canadian Massage Championship

Ambassador of the World Wellness Weekend, Quebec

Who can benefit from our ultra performance training services?

- For certified massage therapists and estheticians who are looking to perfect and improve their massage techniques through continuing education.

- To all those whose wellness is part of their DNA.

In the Asian culture, massage is part of the art of living. It is part of the tool of well-being for all and by all. 

I learned massage as a child from my grandparents. Afterwards, I was accepted by great masters who transmitted their knowledge to me.

My goal is not to open doors but hearts that will give the opportunity to evolve and raise the standard of wellness through massage therapy with different concepts and perceptions based on modern and ancestral science and spirituality.

Our mission

Sharing the ancestral heritage of our knowledge is important to us.

We would like to contribute to making our world a piece of paradise, where it is good to live and dream.

What makes our DNA strong?

The testimonies of our clients show us that we are on the right track to do good.

Our knowledge and know-how are based on modern science, wisdom and kindness.

Why us?

We believe that sharing knowledge is part of development and a way of life.

When talent and self-giving are at the heart of the art, life is simply sweeter.

Continuing Education

Treat the essence, not just the appearance and symptoms!

Origin of the massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L'oeuvre de beauté®

- According to traditional Chinese medicine, physical appearance is closely related to health.

- Each part of the physical appearance is related to an internal organ.

- When the organ functions abnormally, it appears directly on the physical appearance and the face.

In the massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L'oeuvre de beauté®, the driven force is not strength, but compassion, kindness, righteousness, and intelligence of the heart in a flowing spirit.

This brings out an energy of adaptation, the best potential for:

- Opening the mind into a global perspective of self and deep connection with the source.

- Relaxing body tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments).

- Release emotional and energetic blockages (fear, anxiety, stress, sadness, anger, frustration, impatience...).

- Activate circulation (fluids, blood and information through the nervous system and the energetic meridians of Qi).

- Allow relaxation and deep well-being.

 La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L'oeuvre de beauté® is  more than a massage, but an Art in all its splendor.

As part of the high touch and exceptional experience, this massage is amplified by L'œuvre de beauté®, the sacred oil drawn from the heart of traditional knowledge.

The benefits of  La Gestuelle Yin-Yang  & L'œuvre de beauté® for therapists and donors

This exceptional art allows you to work:

- Without forcing yourself and without emptying your energy.

- Without absorbing harmful energies from the receiver (client).

- Without damaging your hands, wrists and back.

- Without stressing your body and mind.

- Brings you a new energy and perspective.

- Helps spiritual awakening through the practice of meditation and Qi Gong exercises.

- The meditative work of the massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L'œuvre de beauté® keeps you connected to the Qi: the more you give, the more you receive.

- To take care of others while taking care of yourself.

- To raise awareness and talent while receiving recognition and adding value to the art of wellness.

- To be proud of your work that defines you.

The benefits of La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L'œuvre de beauté® massage for the recipients

The head and face are the home of the brain, thoughts and the four senses: smell, sight, hearing and taste.

Stimulation of the Yang meridians leading to the head and face is essential to maintain the health of our senses.

These senses are connected to the organs and limbs of the body. Activating the reflex points on the face, which look like switches or computer keyboards, allows energy to flow and carry the information necessary for good health.

There are over 40 muscles in the face that control different emotions and expressions.

Head and face massage has important wellness benefits:

- Lifting and rejuvenation of mature and dry skin.

- Refines the oval of the face and reduces jowls.

- Revitalizes tired and untoned skin.

- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

- Plumps the skin and gives it a radiant appearance.

- Purifies and detoxifies young skin.

- Activates the circulation.

- Helps to improve oxygenation and eliminate metabolic waste.

- Provides deep relaxation of the nerves and helps to fight insomnia.

- Anti-stress, anti-pain in the neck, shoulders and arms.

- Relaxes the clenched jaw.

- Reduces headaches and migraines.

- Activates the senses of smell, hearing, sight and taste.

- Helps meditation and concentration.

- Opens to a spiritual experience.

The massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L'œuvre de beauté® is a veritable encyclopedia of calligraphy, a testament to the art of dance in Southeast Asia, where ancient gestures perfectly combine the skill of an ancient wisdom technique with traditional medicine. 

Beauty and health are celebrated, measured in four beats, to the rhythm of the inner music of the soul.

From body to mind, this massage is designed to express your inner beauty.

La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L'œuvre de beauté® also an evolving treatment where each visit is a celebration and an event of well-being. 

Program of the level one technique 

40 hours during 5 days of training

Day one: 8 hours of training. From 9 am to 6 pm. Pages 9-29

- The concept of traditional Chinese medicine part one.

- Demonstration of basic skin cleansing and toning techniques.

- Practical workshop on basic skin cleansing and toning techniques.

- The concept of traditional Chinese medicine part 2.

- Demonstration of primary skin exfoliation with brush and exfoliant. 

- Practical workshop of the primary exfoliation technique of the skin with brush and exfoliant.

 - Demonstration of primary application of oil and skin care products to the skin.

 - Practical workshop on the primary application of oil and skin care products to the skin.

Day 2 : 8 hours of training. From 9 am to 6 pm. Pages 30-63

- Demonstration of primary effleurage techniques for arms, hands, shoulders, chest, neck to oppen the Yang chanel.

- Practice primary techniques for effleurage arms, hands, shoulders, chest, neck.

- Demonstration of the lifting massage on the side of the face.

- Hands on workshop of the lifting massage on the side of the face.

Day 3 :  8 hours of training. From 9 am to 6 pm. Pages 64-83

- Demonstration of primary facial effleurage techniques. Drainage and preparation to warm up the circulatory system. 

- Practice of primary facial effleurage techniques.

- Demonstration of the primary effleurage techniques of day one, two, three. 

 - Practice of primary day effleurage techniques one, two, three.

Day 4: 8 hours of training. From 9 am to 6 pm. Pages 84-88.

- Demonstration of the facelift technique with the shopstick on the side of the face, part one. 

- Workshop of the technique of lifting with the shopstick on the side of the face, part one.

- Demonstration of the facelift technique with the shopstick on the side of the face, part two. 

- Workshop of the facelift technique with the shopstick on the side of the face, part two.

Day 5 : 8 hours of training. From 9 am to 6 pm.

- Demonstration of the facelift technique with the shopstick on the side of the face, parts one and two. 

- Workshop of the facelift technique with the shopstick on the side of the face, part one and two.

- Review and workshop of all techniques of level one form day one to day 5.

- Meditation of the ritual of the heart and self-massage workshop to reconnect with the source and to take care of oneself as massage therapist.

Wellness check list and consultation based on traditional chinese medicine according to La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L'œuvre de beauté®.

Why choose our school?

- The massage technique La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L'œuvre de beauté®, an innovation from Quebec and Canada, winner of 5 medals  the World Massage Championship in 2021 and 2022.

- My teaching is qualified and approved by the IMA, the International Massage Association, which is the resource for the best teachers and champions.

- My teaching establishment is recognized and accredited by the Quebec and Canadian governments for tuition purposes.

- My technique is recommended by Dr. Lionel Carmant, neurologist and Minister of Health, Quebec, Canada.

- My school and the massage technique La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L'œuvre de beauté® are recognized by the massage therapy associations: IMA (International Massage association), AQTN, RMQ and ANQ.

- My services respect the professional standards with the certification of excellence, the highest distinction in Quebec approved by Mr. Jean Boulet, Minister of Employment and Solidarity.

- My path, philosophy and mission are to bring talents to light.

- My source of knowledge and teaching is highly qualified.

- My courses are tailored to your abilities and skills.

"Because it takes integrity and time to master an art. One should not take the art of others and mimic it to make oneself look good. You can't give away what you don't have, nor can you pass on what you are not."

Phiane Nhotpasa, author and teacher of La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L'œuvre de beauté®.

What are the difficulties encountered in learning?

There are no difficulties in learning this massage. Keep your mind open and this state will help you acquire best flow in the Gesture. As a teacher, I can only give you what you are able to receive.

Ethic of the massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang &  L'œuvre de beauté®

La Gestuelle Yin-Yang  & L'œuvre de beauté® is a massage technique using L'œuvre de beauté® sacred oil.

- It is a timeless technique that transcends all trends and fashions.

- It can in no way be considered, associated and assimilated to a medicine or a religion and belief.

- It does not belong to any sectarian organization and wants to remain totally excluded from it.

- Founded on the altruistic wisdom of the ancients of the East and the West, the art of massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang® & L'œuvre de beauté® is open to all those who take a step towards revealing their talent in their practice as a wellness therapist.

- To achieve the ultimate work of Qi alignment, which is the goal of La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L'œuvre de beauté® massage, requires rectitude, discipline, respect, reliability and passion for the practice.

La Gestuelle Yin-Yang L'œuvre de beauté® is a registered trademark of Spa Phiane Inc, and is taught exclusively at Spa Phiane Inc. Students who have completed all 3 levels of the course and have successfully obtained the diploma will be able to use the title of La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L'œuvre de beauté® practitioner.