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Spa Phiane Inc, World Wellness Adventure

L'œuvre de beauté, l'orfèvre du toucher élevé

The beauty work of art, the goldsmith of high touch

[email protected]


[email protected]

+1 438 504 1551

Welcome to the world of relaxation and the genuine sensory experience of transmutation in high vibration!

A true work of goldsmith in massage developed and perfected by the world champion, Phiane Duquet.

Come and recharge your battery for an experience of transmutation from the inside to the outside and vice versa.

All your treatments are enhanced by the signature sacred oil, L'œuvre de beauté® and organic cosmetics from the House of KOBIDO®

Our menu is a guide to our treatment collections.

All treatments are tailored to fit your needs in every detail.

To book your experience with Phiane, a $50 deposit is required. 

This deposit will be applied as a credit on the total value of the treatments during your visit.

Deposit amount is non-refundable in case of cancellation on your part one week before your appointment

Thank you to value my art and help to raise the standard of the wellness sector!

Our services of the wellness experience:

- The Art of Facialism, Beauty by Wellness High Touch

- Body Skin Renewal

- Massage Therapy

- Pain Relief

- Level up with the Energy Experience

- Detox and Heart Meditation

Receipt for private insurance of massage therapy and naturo-therapy


Ancestral wisdom face care with the touch of grace

Our body is not only a temple of our soul, but a true receptacle of light

Only the work of goldsmith in massage, guided by grace and wisdom is at the height of this light.

L'œuvre de beauté® is the art of plumping the skin with the pure energy of Chi, without artifice.

It's the art of illustrating Kintsugi, that sublimates beauty by reparing and celebrating imperfections with gold or light.

A precious collection of goldsmith’s work in facial massage.

L'œuvre de beauté®, orchestrated with precision in a form of a dance and meditation,

allows to sublimate the beauty from the inside out and outside in.

The face deep tissue massage to release tensions.

Buccal massage

Connection of the body and face reflexology

Dien Chan, facial multi-reflexology.

Health and beauty are not separated. When a person shines with the radiance of health, nothing else is needed to reveal the inner light and authentic beauty.

No diagnosis will be made during your Facial.

Please refer to your physician for any medical skin problems.

The art of Facialism

Skin hygiene for all skin types

60 min 

Treats stressed skin, sensitive, dry skin, oily skin, dehydrated skin.

Deep pores cleansing, exfoliation, detoxifying, rebalancing. Helps skin to find its natural beauty.

Massage L'œuvre de beauté®, the signature facelift masterpiece by Phiane Duquet.


60 min 

Your body is not only a temple of your soul, but the receptacle of light.

Because health and beauty are not separated, to achieve the integrative beauty-wellness, Phiane Duquet, a world champion gold medalist in massage, has created L'œuvre de beauté® for you.

L'œuvre de beauté® means “the beauty work of art”, because the human being is considered as the most precious work of art, made of body and soul. His soul is the essence of his inner light and beauty.

L'œuvre de beauté®, orchestrated with precision in a form of a dance and meditation, allows to sublimate the beauty from the inside out and outside in.

The lifting rejuvenating healing facelift massage, a work of goldsmith in the height of your inner light, detoxify from bad energy, firms up, tones, realigns and help to increase your frequency for a fresh vibe. To find youth and peace, reconnect yourself with your inner light.

This art of plumping the skin with the vital energy of chi is amplified with a high frequency sacred oil, crafted with fine organic blends, inspired by ancient wisdom formula of alchemist grand masters.

Each treatment of L'œuvre de beauté®, is a special event of renewed energy to celebrate the divinity within you and your beauty.

KOBIDO® the ancient way of beauty since 1472

KOBIDO®, organics skin care based on the traditional Japanese medicine.

Facelift massage with Gemstones, the signature of the House of KOBIDO®

Experience the art of traditional Japanese massage passed down since 1472 by great and passionate Masters.

Phiane has the privilege of putting into practice this heritage of wisdom and knowledge acquired through Dr. Shogo Mochizuki, to beautify the body and mind, via your facial skin. The semi-precious stones specially cut by Japan's sculptors and the cocktails of organic serums KOBIDO® will vibrate your meridians and sculpt your muscles. You'll come out rejuvenated with an enchanted soul.

Authentic KOBIDO® facelift massage

Out of time and space experience

60 min 

KOBIDO® products will be used in KOBIDO® massage

 Online anti-aging & lifting facial self massage workshop, wellness at home

On line individual customized self massage workshop

To lift, firm, oxygenate, regenerate your face and to heal the essence by highlighting your beauty with the vital energy of Qi/Cosmos.

45 min 

- First session of detox facelift: 30 min

- Second session of buccal firming massage: 30 min

Following a detailed check up of your general well-being, a tailor-made workshop will be set up for your needs. You will learn how to give yourself effective care to resonate your vibration with the energy of the cosmos while doing the massage of the ancestral wisdom to rejuvenate your skin with the sacred oil L'œuvre de beauté®

To make an appointment: CMS 438 504 1551 or [email protected]

On line via skype:

Body, true receptacle of light

Body Skin Renewal

KOBIDO® Body Exfoliating Massage

For a new and smooth skin, the massage with the help of the hot compress rollers and the exfoliation with gentle vegetable peeling of Dr Shogo Mochizuki respects all skin types as well as sensitive skin. This technique for the well-being of the body’s skin is an exclusive from Spa Phiane Inc.

90 min 

Massage therapy

The health of the body is not separate from the enlightened mind.

Take care of the essence, not just the appearance and symptoms.

Massage La Gestuelle Yin-Yang® 

Wellness and stress relief massage.

Because you are the most precious work of art.

60 min 

90 min 

120 min

Energy realignment massage to release nodes and blockages on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes that cause pain and premature aging.

Tok Sen, the Buddha’s medicine to activate the frequency of life in your boby. 

An art of wisdom to relieve pain and stress with the singing of the sacred wood and the Tibetan bowl. The alchemist alloy of the seven  metals of the bowl made by Tibetan monnks helps to realign your energy in harmony.

Pain relief therapy

Pain of: neck, shoulders, arms, legs, back, migrane, insomnia, stress etc.

60 min 

Different techniques are used to release your pain.

La Trame

Level up with the Energy Experience

To nourish and liberate the soul by spiritual science from full consciousness

La Trame

Highlighting the masterpiece within you.

60 min 

A treatment that touches the heart and the soul for the brightest version of yourself.

High-frequency care of energy realignment, an innovation of the great alchemist and physicist in high energy, Patrick Burensteinas. "Because uncover the secret of the universe is possible with La Trame!".

Meditation & Qi Gong Exercise

The detox-purifying meditation

Discover the inner universe to find unity

Exercise of self-mastering

Take care of your inner light with the connection to the source.

The integrative experience with the vital energy. The authentic touch.

6 hours divided in 2 sessions of 3 hours

Tailor-made workshop to suit your abilities and needs.

"The one who has self-mastery, is greater than the one who is the master of the world". Buddha.

Beyond the beauty of the body, there is the beauty of the soul by the integrative wellness for young and old with energy exercises and detox-purifying meditation.

Ketogenic Experience, living better without additives 

The Ketogenic Experience helps to reduce excess weight and regain balance for better overall health management according to the theory of Dr. Sten Ekberg.

What is energetic realignment?

If your car hits a pothole, the car wheels could be more or less crooked. You would need a mechanic help to ensure the alignment in three dimensions of the wheels, in order to drive without damaging further these wheels.

If you are subject to a trauma, such as physical or emotional levels, you and your body could lose balance.

You would need a therapist help to realign in three dimensions (of the boy, mind and soul), in order to continue to make progress in life without damaging yourself further.