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House of KOBIDO.

KOBIDO in Japanese means Ancient-beauty-way, or traditional way of beauty: The technique works on 3 dimensions of harmonization and balance: The body, the mind and the soul.

Way or path: Indicates that the apprentice and the one who receive KOBIDO massage, choose a path to look within oneself. It's a spiritual dimension of inner beauty and wisdom. Through KOBIDO Massage, the apprentice practices the virtue and the rigor of the spirit..

Ancient or tradition: We are talking about traditional Japanese medicine using acupuncture points and meridians as well as proven medicinal plants since many centuries. Ecocert organic plants, carefully selected and hand-picked according to KOBIDO's art. These ingredients from the nature contains precious antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, free of preservatives, colorants, fragrances, perfumes and toxic synthetic harmful products, carcinogenic, acting on the nervous central system and hormone disruptors.

KOBIDO find its Physical dimension by caring for the body through plants and traditional medicine.

Beauty: KOBIDO treats the essence and not just the appearance and symptoms. Beauty is rooted in the vital energy of Qi. Qi helps to harmonize emotional health. KOBIDO has a dimension affecting the mind through the Qi's medicine.

KOBIDO is far from being numerous and series of massage techniques with limited protocols. It requires a life time of training to refine this art that transcend the essence of inner beauty.

KOBIDO is a registered trademark of KOBIDO Japan Inc. The true Master is Dr Shogo Mochizuki, who is often mimed, imitated but never equaled.

According to Japanese philosophy, in a path , there is one chosen true Master. He is the gardian of the art and his duty is to ensure a proper transmission of heritage and knowledge from generations to generations. He is here to recall to his apprentices, that they are on the path to serve this path and not to use it for one's interest and personal purposes such as using the name to make money by profaning the true meaning of it.

Spa Phiane Inc is proud and privileged to offer you a wonderful KOBIDO experience learned from the 26th generation Master Dr Shogo Mochizuki according to KOBIDO philosophy and art from Japan.

We use KOBIDO therapeutic line to ensure a high potential treatment.